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“Favorite” is not the best way to describe how I feel about these posts. I’m honestly ashamed that I wrote and published some of them. However, they provide the best snapshots into my life at the time of publication. I have maintained this blog since 2007 and I hope they showcase some sort of growth from high school to the present day.

High School (Beginning – August 2007)

  1. Full circle back to Mr. Lemus (my first mariachi teacher)

Harvard, Part I (Sep. 2007 – Mar. 2009)

  1. It’s like I’m staring at my soul when I look at this wall (My first substantial post once at Harvard)
  2. Qué bonita es esta vida (2007 San Antonio Mariachi Festival)
  3. Saúl Viera, “El Gavilancillo,” ten years later (my most-read post on a singer from Los Angeles who hit it big in the Mexican music scene and was killed when young)
  4. Sentí la presencia de un ser desconocido (“I knew you and I would be face-to-face within a few minutes, but this time would be different.”)
  5. Mariachiando: Me miro en el espejo (A story on the most poignant mariachi gig I ever did, on Christmas Eve)
  6. Leave me in peace (Written in the summer after my freshmen year at Harvard)

Leave of absence, Part I (Mar. 2009 – Dec. 2009)

  1. #426 (Announcing my leave)
  2. #439 (“Who are your friends?”)
  3. Complete control (On withdrawing from my social circles)
  4. #531 (“I’ve been in this position for such a long time that anything else seems alien. Nothing feels natural.”)
  5. Bad education (When I began to write about my issues with Harvard, college, and other parts of me)

Leave of absence, Part II (Jan. 2010 – Aug. 2010)

  1. Los Feliz (“I wanted to be back in a similar neighborhood, where I can indulge a number of my interests and desires easily with people of my age and similar lifestyle. I wanted to return to Harvard.”)
  2. Return, I (“I’m in an airport terminal, waiting for my flight to Boston. This is my first time on a plane and my first time in Boston since I left Harvard in March 2009.”)
  3. Return, II (“It was strange and invigorating to be back in Cambridge. When I got off the T at Harvard Square, I felt happy to be back.”)
  4. Return, III (“These past days at Cambridge were the first days in which I felt comfortable at Harvard.”)
  5. Return, IV (Announcing my return to Harvard)

Harvard, Part II (Sep. 2010 – Present)

  1. Diego, not David, part I (Part I of my post about my first semester back at Harvard)
  2. Diego, not David, part II (Part II of my post about my first semester back at Harvard)
  3. Arrows of desire (“The only perspective I felt I could contribute was that of the “ethnic.” But I also hated it. I sought to be more than that, I wanted to be mainstream.” This is one of my most introspective posts.)
  4. Bring me my Bow of burning gold (Response to reader comments on “Arrows of desire”)

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