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Below is the passage that has most stuck with me in the course of this semester. This paragraph and the section it comes from are masterpieces.

It has been sometimes said that because of his psychological constitution, man cannot live without attachment to some object which transcends and survives him, and that the reason for this necessity is a need we must have not to perish entirely. Life is said to be intolerable unless some reason for existing is involved, some purpose justifying life’s trials. The individual alone is not a sufficient end for his activity. He is too little. He is not only hemmed in spatially; he is also strictly limited temporally. When, therefore, we have no other object than ourselves we cannot avoid the thought that our efforts will finally end in nothingness, since we ourselves disappear. But annihilation terrifies us. Under these conditions one would lose courage to live, that is, to act and struggle, since nothing will remain of our exertions. The state of egoism, in other words, is supposed to be contradictory to human nature and, consequently, too uncertain to have chances of permanence.

Pg. 210, Suicide, Émile Durkheim.


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October 21, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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  1. that is why one has to find what they are passionate about, some of us find it early while others later in life.

    That in turn i think gives you purpose.
    “a reason to live”
    You leave a legacy via what you have created and produced. That can be a biological child or inspired and motivated a stranger. Sharing, helping and being less selfish.

    Ive come to the realization that everyone has free will, that we can choose.
    Hate your job? quit.
    Hate your marriage? get a divorce.

    I choose to be optimistic, hopeful and to make an effort- echarle ganas a la vida.

    They say life is easy, its people that complicate it.

    Sure sometimes things are difficult and hard but nothing is impossible.

    And yes ego and pride is what holds us back from moving forward…that “fear, doubt and worry” which we have to learn to eliminate from our thoughts.

    Having had almost 5 years of cognitive therapy along with some meds from my neurologist lol ive learned
    Your THOUGHTS become your FEELINGS which in turn become your ACTIONS- everything is connected.

    some of my goals in this living flesh and bones life is to not have any regrets and to make my contribution to society….not just be a “taker” but a “giver”.

    In the end if you are not comfortable and happy whats the point of living?

    I use to be scared of death when i was a kid- “la llorona” y “cucuy” lol
    Pero ahora I think death is the easy part its life thats the scary one..sometimes.

    When i die (and i want to die young, im only about 8 yrs older than you but ive had alot of experience- done and seen more than a person twice my age) i want my spirit to comeback as a friendly ghost or presence.

    im off to order-buy the book 🙂

    ok thanks bye.


    October 21, 2010 at 11:09 pm

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