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Return, II

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I slept only two hours of the whole flight. I’m at Dulles, somehow awake after little sleep and agonizing for the rest of the flight. I have three-and-a-half hours between flights and I regret choosing these flights. I chose them because I wanted to ride the AeroTrain, Dulles’ new people mover between terminals and because they were cheaper than other flights. I rode it end-to-end twice; I didn’t take photographs because I didn’t want TSA to come down and bust me for simply taking pictures of a train. One building has two stops; after walking the length of the terminal, I know why. It takes about ten minutes to make it across the terminal.

As I walked along the terminal, I walked past someone I thought was Common (proof he was in D.C. that day). It’s my fourth “famous person sighting” at an airport: some telenovela star when I flew to México years ago; Hugh Laurie as he got off a plane at LAX; Dolores Huerta a few minutes after Laurie walked right past me; and now, Common. Not something major in my life, but interesting nonetheless.

I don’t know how I’ll make it to the end of the day with the lack of sleep and heat of Boston.

Chantilly, Virginia
July 28, 2010

* * *

American Airlines Sign, Terminal B, Logan International Airport

Every time I land at Logan International Airport, I look for the American flags above two terminal gates. They designate the gates the flights involved in the attacks of September 11, 2001, departed.

It was strange and invigorating to be back in Cambridge. When I got off the T at Harvard Square, I felt happy to be back. Though I didn’t desire to run into anyone I knew (because only a handful knew of my trip), I somewhat wanted it to happen, if only to see the sort of reactions I would get. I spent a few hours sitting at different tables in the Au Bon Pain courtyard, reading over some sheets and trying to stay awake after the red-eye flight.

One thing I didn’t miss was the assault of nicotine in the air. I can’t remember the last time I was in a location with more smokers than Harvard Square.

Today I’m at the Boston Public Garden. I’ve really missed the Boston Common, the Public Garden, Comm. Ave, the Back Bay, and Newbury Street. I always enjoy coming here and walking along the Emerald Necklace, regardless of the weather. I might be a hot and humid day, but there’s a slight breeze and I’m under the shade of trees.

I have a lot of time to enjoy these remaining 24 hours.

Boston, Massachusetts
July 29, 2010


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August 27, 2010 at 3:00 am

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