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Since I began writing online, I’ve had a number of offers by websites for me to write for them. Among them were a website that focused on Mexican music and a college admissions consulting website. I never expected to get these offers, but now I understand that they’re a part of writing online. Nothing came out of the offers I received. The Mexican music website has been “Under construction” ever since I responded to their email and never received a response. It was up and running when I received their email.

I’ve worried about accepting any of these offers. They were unpaid and I wanted to receive some payment for my writing. I fear what can become of my writing once it’s online and I have to deal with repercussions or have it reproduced and distorted by anyone. I want more control over whatever I write. Hmph. I’m in a pickle.

The final concern I’ve had was with others making money off my writing. There were two offers that I rejected for this reason. They were in areas, mostly college admissions, where I feel I have a lot of knowledge and I can make money from that knowledge and I have to protect it to make sure that my services are not cheapened by my advice being out there for anyone to find or someone else to use because I write for their website. I’ve always kicked around the idea of starting a college admissions consulting service, especially in the Gateway Cities of Los Angeles. That’s as much as I can write about that idea.

I know that if I somehow want to make writing a supplemental part of my income, I have to accept whatever I’m offered and blah blah blah… I want to create some sort of professional reputation before I start accepting offers to write at websites. I don’t entirely mind writing at other websites, seeing as how I write over at L.A.


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October 26, 2009 at 5:00 am

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  1. Hey Hi i like to read your blog- i discovered you from your posts over at LA Eastside.
    First off you DO NOT have to take anything they offer you especially if its not for pay.

    I agree you do have to take into consideration what you are willing to share with the world especially in this “new media world”.

    Like anything in life-its about choices and free will.

    Its about you being in control of your own destiny.
    Being comfortable and happy in whatever you do in the end is what ultimately matters.
    So just follow your bliss, passion- so to get paid to do what you love will be a bonus.

    Your a smart and creative guy- but its not necessarily all about how smart you are, but what you actually do with it.

    We do live in the real world, so yeah be logical and rational and think if the risk is worth the reward.

    Oh and i almost forgot- “Luck/Lucky” is when preparation meets opportunity.<—heard that from Oprah once.

    Sometimes we are prepared and no opportunities. Other times opportunities present themselves but we are not prepared.

    Only you can be your best advocate, echale ganas in whatever you do! 🙂


    October 29, 2009 at 5:02 pm

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