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Video of the week: Estrellita

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I first heard “Estrellita,” composed by Mexican composer Manuel María Ponce, four years ago, when my teacher lent me a copy of Mariachi Cobre’s Este es mi mariachi. At first, I didn’t want to hear it because it was not a mariachi song; instead, it was a single voice accompanied by a guitar. One day, however, when I had my music library on “random,” “Estrellita” started playing and I was amazed by the song. The singular voice, accompanied by the guitar, were remarkable. I realized it was a song meant to be sung as an opera.

The Mariachi Cobre version is not online, but I did find a version supreme to it. It is a version of “Estrellita” recorded by Spanish tenor Alfredo Kraus. Kraus’ voice is so strong, so full, so rich that words don’t make justice to his interpretation.

This is the last “Video of the Week” for a while. It may come back sporadically.


Written by soledadenmasa

May 7, 2008 at 2:14 am

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