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March was the month with the most traffic for this blog. Each month my number of hits has grown, from 715 (Dec.), 1,574 (Jan.), 1,595 (Feb.) to 2,431 this past month of March. I can attribute this to all the visits from people reading “Apodos y recuerdos,” part I and II. Thanks for increasing my blog traffic!

Last week was Spring Break. What did I do? Read a lot of academic essays on the development of Mexican musical forms, such as the rise of banda, narcocorridos, and death poetry of México. I did some work, but namely rested. I didn’t travel anywhere, unlike others, but I had some fun resting.

I’ve got to get back in work mode, so I’ll do that later tonight, once I call home. I have just one more month of school and another month of tests and I am done with my first year at Harvard. Whew.

Yesterday, Vicente Fox gave a speech at the Harvard IOP Forum. It was a good speech and you can view it here.

Gustavo Arellano linked to my blog when he revealed to the world what I knew, that his “retirement” was a prank. Hi, everyone who’s coming in from that entry! I got Rick Rolled twice today by YouTube. Damn you, YouTube!

Other than that, I’ve got a lot of ideas for video of the week. I have to space them throughout the weeks or feature two each week.


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April 1, 2008 at 10:09 pm

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