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Apodos y recuerdos, part II [Edited March 10, 2008]

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Last night I exchanged text messages with someone from high school. The text messages were about the list I got from Wikipedia that I posted in the first part of this series (I didn’t expect to start a series!). “Apodos y recuerdos” is the most viewed post in the past thirty days, with 123 on-site views and ten additional syndicated views (is that RSS?). It’s also the fifth-most viewed blog post of all time. It’s a popular post; that seems to have caused problems.

The gist of the text messages is that more people than were supposed to have read the list through my blog. I think that happened as a combination of an invitation I posted in a MySpace bulletin and, I’m guessing, other’s emails and word-of-mouth. I’m going to assume that a lot of the readers are people who are on the list and were not supposed to read the list or their nickname.

People, namely those who I suspected created the list, didn’t like that I posted the list on my blog. From what I got out of the text messages, I “made things a lot worse.” I should have called those who I suspected wrote the list and figuratively slapped them on the wrist over the phone, like some sort of Catholic school nun.

That’s my sarcasm and annoyance at this affair showing itself.

Why didn’t I call? I think this list is stupid, there is no reason for me to pursue the matter with anyone, and I do not want to call someone and accuse him or her of something if I was not sure they did it! Should I have called? No, because I don’t care about high school. It’s done and I am done with it.

I’m being blamed for making things worse by posting the list on my blog? Hell, the poster started this by being dumb enough to create the list, pasting it onto the WIKIPEDIA article, and hitting save for anyone to read. Had the list been on MySpace, Facebook, an email, or any website which I would have to log in to access, I would not have posted the list. [Edited March 10, 2008: I will post it if I find it post-worthy.] The list was on WIKIPEDIA! It was on WIkipedia for people to read! I just made sure you never forget the list by posting it on my blog!

I’m free of any blame because I don’t care about the whole affair and I did not write the list. I have NOTHING to do with the list. If anyone has any animosity toward the author(s) of the list, that’s between them, not me.

Once something is posted online, it does not ever, ever disappear. You think that by deleting something it’s now gone, but cached versions of websites exist, the information remains in the servers, and if someone finds what you wrote and decides to save it for their own reference, then it’s damn sure never, EVER going to disappear, especially if I find it. “Apodos y recuerdos” remains as it is. The list is there for all to see what you think of them.

Don’t blame me for what is occurring. Face the consequences of your actions.


Written by soledadenmasa

March 7, 2008 at 4:43 pm

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  1. […] [UPDATE, March 7, 2008] There’s now a part II to this post. Read here. […]

  2. Congrats on the ratings.


    March 8, 2008 at 11:14 pm

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