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It seems that the Editor of has brought the website back with a new message after having shut it down sometime before the New Year. Though I agree with the Editor’s message that it is up to the L.A. Times, L.A. Weekly, and L.A. CityBeat to expose corruption, I think La Opinión is important and necessary. Screw Hoy.

This new message brought me joy in a sense that almost nothing else has in a long time. After the jump I have the text of his message, namely for my own self-reference.

Dear readers,

The Editor thanks all the well wishers for their thoughts and comments of unequivocal support.

Yes, this editor has sort of shut down this website; other pursuits are more worthy of my time instead of just
chasing after corrupt politicos in the public interest. The majority of the public is actually not interested. Bad
news for the public; good news for elected officials…… and the city attorney covering up for them.

I have concluded that corruption will only get worst. It actually has gotten worst since
started in March 13, 2004. would need the resources of the L.A. Times, the L.A. Weekly
and L.A. City Beat combined to do an adequate job of exposing the brazen hijacking of public funds with dirty
dealings. simply can’t compete with the deep and wide network of corruption. It takes real time
investment to uncover political deceit and to follow the money of greedy private interests driving receptive
politicos to support disturbingly bad public policy, locally and at state level.

It is not enough for to receive an award from the California First Amendment Coalition
and being the subject of a Los Angeles Times report to maintain the mission of this website which is in the
public interest.

There is no hope when even the L.A. County District Attorney himself is ethically challenged. What must it be
like to live with oneself as a dirty and corrupt politician day in and day out? You should all be proud of

Below are a few emails sent to for your reading enjoyment. You can also access the site
by clicking above on “ The site may just come back!

Best regards,

The Editor, (Contact:

I must note the end of one of my favorite websites, It
seems the website has been shut down by the Editor. What a shame. I
honestly enjoyed reading WatchOurCity. I hope to see it back up someday
soon. I regret not interviewing the Editor for my high school’s newspaper
before graduating.” [a Harvard University student]

“You say you’re not a journalist, but in my eyes, you are; I’ve turned to your
website whenever any cities in the Southeast are in the news. My friend from
HP first told me of your website sometime in late 2005, and since then,
WatchOurCity has been one of my most visited websites. While I worked for a
local politician in the summer of 2006, I used your website as a resource for
some of the stuff that went on in the office; your information provided a lot of
background on what was going on in the community and amongst politicians.
While I was in high school, I was part of the school newspaper and always
wanted to interview you to spotlight your work and website and bring it to a
wider audience. From what I know, I was the only person at SGHS who knew of
your website. I never contacted you, however, because your website was not
updated much and went offline for a while, sparking me to think that you had
quit on the website. I regret not contacting you for such an interview.”

“Where are you? I read the comment you left [for my friend attending
Harvard University]. He was very happy  to have you send him a comment. I
introduced him to the site and for a  while he wanted South gate to have a
site like yours. Thanks for all the work you do for our city.”

“I am a concerned citizen residing in Bell. I have come to your site to  realize
that it has been shut down. I wonder why, I am 18 years old and  being of a
fresh mind I have learned much more than I have ever been  told about my
town and the surrounding cities. I would just like to know  what happened to
the site and if there is anything that I can  contribute into helping you out,
please reply to this message. Thank you so much.”

“Is this website now absolete?  Should I stop looking for new
info or did you clean up the city already?”

“I would love to know more about Ronald V. Garcia.”

“Montebello… I have no idea where to begin and I seriously
have no idea why these crooked people keep getting elected. I hope to
see more information on your website about Montebello, it’s crooked
politicians. I find it rather interesting that the Calderon triplets + other
council members have helped there friends get land deals, money, etc. What
do you suggest?”

“this is a great public interest site.  I’m would like to buy an ad for
an online phonebook on this page.”

“tell that OC mexican that he is completly off!!!I live in
bell and i can say that HP and the south east cities are way more mexican
than santa ana.  lookin at demographic stats its easy to see.  lets
look at pop density, hispanic pop, total pop and sq. mi of the cities.  i
chose HP, SG, MWD, BLL and CDY.  adding all their pops together we
have 254,068 people as opposed to 337,977 in SA.  looking at sq. mi,
aggregate miles for the 5 SE cities = 15.4 sq mi, v. SA’s 27.4.  with these
two figures we can figure out population density.  for SA its 12,334
and for the SE cities it is 16,497.  this area is more crowded and more
dense.  the highest density existing in CDY and MWD at 22,007 and 23,402
respectively.  as for his assertion that they are more mexican.  thats
laughable.  SA latino pop is %76 percent of the total pop while in all
these 5 SE cities it is higher than 90 percent!!!  moving away from
numbers we also have the biggest mexican shopping thourough fare in !
the country.  PACIFIC BLVD!!!!  it was once lily white like SG and
BLL, but now its abunch of quinceanera dresss, tux shopsm cell phone
stores, record stores and shoe stores.  all for the mexican.  and on top of
that HP attracts big name performers to its parades and celebrations!!!
on word:  PAQUITA!!!!  also when the mexican presidential candiates
were running for office this last time they were willing to come to HP
to court the US mexican vote.  i think our case is made.  SA has nothing
on SOUTH EAST CITIES!!!  as for corruption…well thats everywhere.”

“Editor, help my small corrupt, “no-one gives a damm” (except
a little SJSU grad) community (you know, Bell) and send some of those
butt-kicking college stidents or graduates down our way!).”

“Just wanted to let you in on a can of worms taking place in the City of
South El Monte. The planning depart and city counsel are 110% behind the
proposed  building of 80 condominiums unit,four story’s tall dead center of
South  El Monte on a sliver of land (1.4 acres) with only 80 parking stalls and
a play area on the roof! For the children. This project is the worst I have ever
seen in any city. And the list of  problems are to many to even go into. (City
hall has all the detail if  your curious) this Tuesday the 11 is the schedule city
counsel meeting  and it looks like its going to be a fireworks show. P.S  I
don’t know how? but the City Mayor of West Covina Mike Touhey is
the consultant for this project ,and rumor has it the majority council
has already decided the out come.”

“post a story on this, The Maywood chief of police used over 1000 dollars on a
rental car this  past week. He is a Police officer with about 2 years experience
in law  enforcement, that was asked to resign from his previous job.”

“Hello! Good Site! Thanks you!”

“This is a fantastic site.  I came across it, when looking into Montebello’s city
council members.  Do you have any information regarding the elected officials
of Montebello and their recent and very questionable firing of top staff in the

“If I resigned from the city of Huntington Park as a police officer can I be
rehired with HPPD again? If my resignation was politicaly driven and I have
evidence of it what should I do?”

“I just looked at your website for the first time and I have to thank you for
creating something like this.  The level of corruption throughout LA is truly
unbelievable.  At the moment, the Mario Beltran case is amazing due to his
connection with the club owner, Ralph Verdugo-who is notorious for his
involvement with gangs, drugs and other illegal activities.  Furthermore, the
owner of the building the 740 Club is in, Farhad “Fred” Yousefzadeh, is the
president of Downtown LA’s Business Improvement District.  Given the number
of police involved incidents, which are a CLEAR indication of illegal practices
(drugs, illegal sale of alcohol, gang warfare, money laundering, etc) it is
TRULY unbelievable that a man hired to “clean up” downtown and make it a
safer community is doing nothing but contributing to the area’s initial and
continued demise.  Hopefully this website will aid in the club’s closing in an
effort to put in a LEGAL business that benefits the community.”

“Felipe Aguirre recently had his vehicle impopunded for expired registration (2
yrs. exp.)  Let’s see if he pays his fines and gets  his vehicle legally.”

“Please start indicating corruption in the lynwood unified school dist. chief of
security is using political power from school board members chavez &
rodriguez to expitict current superintendant. he’s also trying to form a police
agency within the district, which will fine parents for truancy students and raise
city taxes for the service. more info to follow.”


Written by soledadenmasa

January 27, 2008 at 9:36 pm

Posted in Politics, South Gate

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  1. Diego,

    Your comments did it. One voice, yours, was enough of a defribillator to bring life back to the site. was seriously shut down, then I saw your posting. And, well, I couldn’t dissapoint an important community member, even if 3,000 miles away (plus or minus). The fact that a Harvard student finds this site relevant is enough of a reason. Your one thought carries the weight for thousands.

    Thank you.

    The Editor,


    January 30, 2008 at 1:42 am

  2. Indeed, the fact that one Harvard student finds
    important enough to blog about proves once more that there is a clean future in politics… Wether it be at the local, state or national level. You know you’ll have my full support.


    January 30, 2008 at 6:14 am

  3. Editor,
    Thank you so much for bringing back the site. Your work is appreciated by many in the community.

    Thank you. Does that mean you’re switching party lines? 😛


    January 30, 2008 at 9:15 am

  4. Not a chance. 😉


    February 1, 2008 at 4:19 am

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