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A set of goals.

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Sunday night I attended the Milken Scholars Holiday Dinner in Santa Monica. It was great to see almost all of my fellow 2007 Scholars (some didn’t make it) and also catch up with a few of the older Milken Scholars I get along with. It was not as fun as the Milken Scholar retreat back in July, but it was nonetheless a good way to spend a Sunday night.

Glenda and I left to the dinner together. Since she doesn’t drive on freeways, we had to go by car from South Gate to Santa Monica. Not my ideal mode of transportation, pero eso me pasa por no manejar. We got there just on time for the pre-dinner appetizers. It was a formal event, as one would expect, and felt a bit uptight because it was running late and the conference room needed to be cleared by nine-thirty or something like that.

I’m not a fan of high-class hotel cuisine. It seems too bland for my tastes. This dinner was no different; some sort of fish was served. High class, but poor tasting. I told Glenda about La Playita and possibly going there after the dinner just because I needed some actual food. On the way back, I completely forgot about La Playita and we didn’t stop. Hell, I didn’t even see it.

Fastforward to later in the evening. Sometime in the middle of the dinner, a speaker asked us to take notepad and write down three goals for the upcoming year. I did as told and came up with these three:

  1. Finish my first year at Harvard in good standing.
  2. This summer, I must work somewhere where I will have fun.
  3. Enjoy Harvard and Boston more.

I’ll be able to work on number three a lot after the end of finals in January. I have my last final on January 18 (a Friday), giving me one-and-a-half weeks until the beginning of the second semester on the 30th. Even then, the first week of each semester is shopping week, so I have a week of no work.

My original intention for one of the weekends of my small intercession was to stay over at Yale with one of my friends there, but after she explained to me her housing situation, I’m fine with not going. Since Yale’s first weekend of the second semester is MLK, Jr., Holiday weekend, she might come over to Harvard and stay the weekend. The only problem is, students will be studying for finals, so I can pretty much only show her around campus and around Boston. No parties/revelry/celebration.

The first weekend of February I’ll be at UPenn for the Winter ECCSF. Fun? I hope so. My friend from Yale will hopefully be there go so we can hang out. Tense? It sure will be. An old ex and her close friend will most likely be there (my sources tell me yes). They can’t stand me, to say the least. What will probably ensure our communication at the conference is the fact that the other person from the SGHS Class of 2007 who left for college outside the state will be at the conference, too, and she is pretty good friends with them. Making for an awkward South Gate reunion at UPenn. Blargh.

The Patriots are in the playoffs, as expected. Last week I realized I got sucked into supporting the Patriots because LA has no football team and I sure as hell will never root for the Raiders.

I leave for Harvard Thursday night and arrive in Boston Friday morning. A draft of a final paper is due Friday night, so if I can write half of it on Thursday and the other half Friday I’ll be good. That just means I have to make sense of philosophical texts sometime Wednesday night so I can write some of it on Thursday, followed by packing.

Tomorrow morning I will write a memo for another class and turn it in (hopefully) by 2 p.m. so I can go out on Tweedy Blvd. at eat at whatever burger joint I wish. The downside: I might run into people I don’t want to run into while outside. But I must enjoy the sun while I can. And I can’t live life afraid of people. I don’t like someone, I’ll show disinterest. Simply put.

I’m craving tacos dorados so badly. I had some this past weekend at my uncle’s house in Richmond (Bay Area) and I want more! That’s one of the foods I miss. Tomorrow I might go eat at Taqueria Los Barrigones and see if it really is good. I have to make a list of foods my parents have to send me at Harvard. Namely, I need Barritas, obleas con cajeta, cajeta, galletas Marias, and every so often, tacos.

Primaries are coming up… Yay! I registered to vote the day after I got back (I did it online two weeks before and had the printed form waiting for me to sign at home) Plus, I’m at Harvard. This is exciting!

I met fellow bloggers Cindy, Laura, Chavo, and Chimatli at a tamalada two weeks ago. I’m sure a few of the other people at the tamalada were bloggers over at Metroblogging LA, but I don’t know them, so I won’t guess.

This entry is really long. No images, nothing to numb your other senses. Hasta la proxima.


Written by soledadenmasa

January 2, 2008 at 2:13 am

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  1. It was good to meet you!


    January 2, 2008 at 2:36 pm

  2. […] January 2, 2008 – Best traffic day ever. Jump to Comments The previous two blog posts attracted enough people to set a new personal high of 126 visits. The previous record was around 80 visits and set sometime in September. The search term that most brought people to my site was “esta vida,” probably leading to this post. The most viewed post was “A set of goals.” […]

  3. Yay for Barritas! Yo te mando unas.


    January 6, 2008 at 5:00 am

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