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Mirthala Salinas suspended by Telemundo, reports the Los Angeles Times.

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According to a report on the Los Angeles Times’ website, Mirthala Salinas was suspended for two months without pay by her employer, Telemundo. Four superiors were also reprimanded. Updates to follow at the Los Angeles Times’ website.

And to report on another Villaraigosa, I discovered IvyGate Blog this past weekend, a blog focused on Ivy League schools. The first post I read was on Antonio Villar’s (is that his name now?) son, Antonio Jr., and a series of posts Junior posted on a Facebook group titled “The Princeton ’11 Part Crew” where Junior admits to underage drinking at a city beach and the party being scrambled by the police. It’s about half-a-month old, but still an interesting read.

Nice one. I’m glad you’re not my classmate.


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August 2, 2007 at 7:47 pm

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