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This Tuesday I graduated from high school. I don’t feel sad or anything; I think that’s because I knew that on Wednesday I’d hang out with people from my high school and that Thursday night is Grad Nite, so I’d see almost everyone from my high school on Thursday. I have not cried, only smiled. I’m happy.

Yesterday I went to my friends’ graduation at South East High School and nearly began to choke up there, for some reason. They are all in my mariachi; I think it’s because I’ll miss them dearly when I am at Harvard. So it goes.

You can see the graduation photos here.

I have to attend a mariachi meeting at 12 to decide the future of Mariachi Espuela de Plata. Since most of us graduated, we have to talk about what’s going to happen to the mariachi after high school. I’m leaving to Harvard, Gladys is leaving to Humboldt State, and Angie Arciga will attend UC San Diego. The other five are staying in LA and attending community colleges (except for Thomas, who is going to Long Beach State), or in Jose’s case, finishing high school (he’s going to start his junior year at Warren High in Downey). Angie says she can commute every weekend to play with the mariachi, but I really believe she’ll stop doing that once she gets into the college life. I don’t blame her.

I haven’t found a replacement for myself and neither has Gladys. We know of a few people from Huntington Park High School, but they’re about to start their senior year. They will most likely leave soon, so it’s not worth it to ask them to join our mariachi group.

Eddie is filling in a lot with Mariachi Alma del Sol.

I think Juan will get really involved in work and might join the Armed Forces, like his older brother, or move to Washington and join a police force, like his older sister.

Thomas will get into school and work.

JJ will hopefully do well at ELACC and transfer to USC. He might join the USC Marching Band; he knows one of the assistant directors and plays the trumpet very well.

Who knows what the future holds for us. Only wait and see.


Written by soledadenmasa

June 21, 2007 at 8:40 am

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